A 23' 11" Utility Runabout
By William Atkin
A Wholesome Open Boat
When a steady, wholesome, and able open boat is wanted, then Rosdave will more than fill these requirements, and have left over an excellent turn of speed. This is the kind of small boat men use for working the produce of the sea, lobsters, fish, and all the other elusive and delightful food that is hauled by line, net, trap, rake, drag, and spear from the deeps and the shallows of clean water everywhere.
The cockpit is 16 feet long, leaving a useful and proper deck forward and aft, and is divided by the motor house. There is a wide seat aft and one attached to the forward face of the motor house. Since four or five persons are the maximum number that should be aboard a boat of this size and type additional seating room is undesirable. The cockpit floor and the top of the seats are well down in the hull, a feature which gives a feeling of security and of being in the boat rather than on it. The motor is installed beneath a motor house that extends fully across the boat. The motor controls will be fitted to the face of the forward seat and the boat will be steered by a side lever.
The plans of Rosdave show a round bilge hull having an over all length of 23 feet 11 inches, a water line length of 23 feet; a breadth of 6 feet 8 inches; and a draft of 1 foot 9 inches. The freeboard at the bow is 2 feet 10 inches; at the lowest place 1 foot 10 1/2 inches; and at the stern, 2 feet 7/8 inch. And so you see this is no little cockleshell but rather a full bodied craft of generous displacement and all around wholesomeness. The lines are formed in a manner to produce a boat that will move through the water, rather than over it, and at reasonably level trim. Boats that raise unduly at the bow when underway are seldom able boats and always slap and pound. Rosdave is designed for speeds up to 17 miles an hour and for the upper limit I would install a motor of about 180 cubic inch cylinder displacement, or about 40 h.p. at 1800 r.p.m. The weight of the motor should not exceed 600 pounds.
Plans for Rosdave are $100




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