A 27' 10" Seabright Skiff
By William Atkin
A 28-Foot Seabright Skiff Which May be Built as an Open or Cabin Boat
Spermaceti is designed after the manner of all those small boats made famous by the fishermen of the Jersey coast -- of Highland Beach, of Gallilee, of Seabright, of Long Branch, of Deal, and of all those fishing towns that spread from Sandy Hook to Cape May.
There is a lot to be said for the Seabright skiff; and to the originator of the model many boatmen owe hearty thanks. No one seems to know who built the first of the fleet; otherwise I feel certain some town up or down the Jersey coast would by this time have set his name up in its market place.
Spermaceti is 27 feet 10 inches in length; 26 feet on the water line; 8 feet in breadth; and 2 feet draft. She is a wholesome little boat having freeboard at the bow of 3 feet 3 inches and at the stern, 2 feet 2 inches. The lines have been prepared with a view to a speed of 19 to 20 miles an hour, using a Gray Six-51 motor, or one of approximately similar characteristics. Forty horsepower is about the minimum that should be installed, and any power in excess of the motor specified will be wasted in useless wave-making.
Among other advantages of this particular type of hull is the excellent manner in which the motor can be installed. Notice how low the motor sits in the boat and how little the shaft angle is as a result. The more nearly level any kind of motor rests the more efficiently it operates; this applies not only to fuel and oil consumption but to the performance of the propeller as well, to say nothing of lessened vibration, and the possibility of additional speed.
Plans for Spermaceti are $100






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