A 20' 6" Garvey
By William & John Atkin
A Garvey River Boat
Here, Shipmates, if you live on sheltered water and want an easily built motor boat, is a design that should be of great interest. I would call the boat a scow or punt, but in many localities boats of this general character are sometimes called garveys. This garvey, like its many sisters and brothers, is a flat-bottomed open boat, square at both ends, simple in form and easy and cheap to build. For use in sheltered waters the broad and flat bow sections will not be objectionable, nor the low freeboard too little to keep spray out of the cockpit. The fore and after sweep of the bottom is developed from other smaller and larger boats of this model I have designed in years past and will permit reasonable speed with modest horsepower. No use to over-power Sprat; this will only result in forcing the hull beyond its designed speed, cause pounding, and sooner or later a leaky hull. Let Sprat take her time.
The dimensions of Sprat are as follows: length over all 20 feet 6 inches ; length on water line, 16 feet 6 inches; breadth on deck, 70 inches; breadth on bottom at station 6, 5 feet 10 inches; draft at deepest place, 1 foot 3 inches; freeboard at the bow, 2 feet 1 1/2 inches; freeboard at the stern, 1 foot 9 inches. The cockpit is 13 feet 10 inches long and 5 feet 3 inches inside the coaming at station 6, so, you see, there is plenty of room for five or six people; and this, by the way, is about the safe and comfortable number of people to carry. The motor is covered by a motor house that extends only part way across the cockpit leaving a passageway leading from forward to after end of the boat. Side seats are forward and a single seat aft. The gasoline tanks are installed beneath the after seat. Motor controls should be placed on the after end of the motor house with necessary gauges and instruments. I would steer the boat with a lever placed at a convenient distance from the after seat. The steering lines extend completely around the cockpit beneath the deck and can be coupled to whatever type of steerer is desired.
The motor shown in the plans is a four cylinder Red Wing Thorobred 10-20 h.p. unit having a cylinder displacement of 95 cubic inches. With the motor turning 1300 r.p.m. the speed of the little boat will be close to 9 miles an hour. Kermath, Universal, Gray, Palmer, and several other motor manufacturers make suitable motors of approximately 95 cubic inch cylinder displacement, any one of which will be well suited to this particular design.
Plans for Sprat are $100






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