Sun Ray
A 25' 6" Seabright Skiff
By William Atkin
A Speedy Seabright Skiff
While not a true Seabright skiff. Sun Ray is a development of the Jersey skiff which has considerable merit. The form as shown in the plans is very much like the newer craft built along the coast for fishing and other purposes; but rather than the more usual lap strake planking she is carvel planked. Then too, the box deadwood is a little different from the typical skiff. The change here is necessary for constructional purposes because smooth planking is used.
These boats seem to have a very definite use, and at speeds up to 15 to 18 miles an hour are quite satisfactory. However, for high speed and for use in rough water a wholesome boat of the V bottom type is a far better craft. The one advantage the Seabright skiff has is its ability to land anywhere, through surf or in still water, and the fact that it can be beached without damaging the propeller or shaft. It will also stand on an even keel when on the bottom, or while being rolled up on rollers or skids. In choppy water the flat of the bottom slaps some and unless these boats are built moderately light they will pound and slap a great deal. One advantage a boat of this design has is that the motor can be set very nearly level, which is something worth having. A motor always will give better service if its crank shaft is level; not only does the lubricating system function more perfectly under this condition but the inflow of the gases is more uniform to all cylinders, and therefore the combustion is better; which of course will result in more economical operation.
The dimensions of Sun Ray are as follows: L. 0. A. 25 feet 6 inches, L. W. L. 24 feet, breadth 6 feet 7 inches and the designed draft (which would be loaded) is 1 foot 8 inches. Her speed with a four cylinder 3 3/4-inch by 5-inch motor of the high speed type should be about 16 miles an hour. With two or three aboard and a light weight motor for power this skiff will not set on the load water line shown on the plans; she will set about 4 inches higher, and this is the way she is intended to set.
The steering apparatus is simplicity itself, consisting of a long wooden tiller and a line attached to the aft edge of the rudder which then runs around the inside of the gunwale. Thus she can be steered from any position in the boat.
Plans for Sun Ray are $100




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