Timmy High
A 19' Sea Skiff
By William Atkin
A Useful, Able Utility Skiff
It takes many kinds of boats to make the world of boats sail by. Timmy High is 19 feet over all; 18 feet water line; 6 feet 4 inches beam; 1 foot 3 inches draft, an open boat designed for useful purposes and designed as well for fast going with reasonable power. Here is a boat that can be used for fishing, day cruising, towing, and many other purposes. Not an expensive boat to build or to have built, either. While the dimensions are modest the boat is roomy and well described as a big little boat.
The arrangement shows the motor enclosed under a suitable house; this being slightly abaft amidships. The thwart for the helmsman is forward as shown on the deck plan; it will be noticed that a horizontal (better known as freight car) steering wheel is used; throttle, clutch, and starter switch being close at hand. This all works in shipshape and comfortable. There is room on the forward thwart for three persons. The amidship thwart should work in handy for fishing. The after seat might be converted into a fish box, or taken for locker space rather than left open as shown on the construction elevation. The gasoline tank will be located under the forward deck.
The model is of round bilge; ample flare and flam forward; excellent freeboard -- at the bow 2 feet 8 inches and at the stern 2 feet 2 1/2 inches. This newest of MoToR BoatinG's very large family of boats will plug along at astonishing, considering the limited power, speed without pounding, and without soaking every one aboard. The under water body and the topside form have been carefully considered and designed. And the design is based on a dozen boats of similar characteristics which I have produced over the last many years.
The motor shown in the plans is a four cylinder Gray Four 52; 162 cubic inch cylinder displacement. Weight approximately 500 pounds. This should give a speed of 20 miles an hour. Universal, Red Wing, and Kermath make motors of similar capacity which I can heartily recommend for powering Timmy High. I would not advise using a motor of over 250 cubic inches cylinder displacement, or 700 pounds weight.
Plans for Timmy High are $100






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