A 23' 9" V-Bottom Utility
By William Atkin
A Roomy 24-Foot Family Boat
Utility is all her name implies and will be a very useful kind of boat. She has a large cockpit, a useful cockpit, and is a comfortable craft, not only for the whole family, but several guests as well. There is seating room for seven, and room in the after end of the cockpit for two small folding canvas-seated chairs. The freeboard is ample, In fact more than usually found in a boat of her length. The bow stands 3 feet 3 inches from the water, and the stern 2 feet 2 1/2 inches, while at the lowest point the freeboard is 1 foot 10 inches. Small craft need freeboard; here lies safety, comfort and ableness.
The hull shows the usual V bottom having moulded sides above the waterline, but flat sections under the chines. In a very fast V bottom perhaps it is better practice to also mould the sections below the chines, however on the score of easier building I prefer the sections shown in the drawings. The over-all length is 23 feet 9 inches; the length on the water line is 22 feet 0 inches; the breadth is 7 feet 6 inches; and the draft 1 foot 11 inches. The keel extends in a straight line from station 3 to station 11, and from this point aft an iron shoe projects, giving protection to the propeller and at the same time supporting the heel of the rudder. Thus Utility can be grounded without endangering the rudder or propeller.
A boat of this type because of its simplicity can be built economically. I should not attempt to overpower this design. Thirty horse power is the limit recommended for Utility, and this power will propel her at a speed of about 15 1/2 miles an hour. Twelve miles an hour is the speed for which the lines have been drawn. I figure that a Gray 30 running comfortably will be ideal power and for this reason have indicated it on the plans.
Plans for Utility are $100
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