Victor Slocum
A 15' Modified Jersey Skiff
By William & John Atkin
A Modified Jersey Skiff
Victor Slocum is a 15 foot overall, 14 foot 1 1/4 inch water line, 5-foot 5/8 inch breadth and 1 foot 2 inch draft open motorboat. While the overall dimensions indicate a small boat this "little one" is, however, a burdensome craft and, when completed, will be found to belie the modest figures of length, breadth and draft as mentioned. This latest member of the family will prove to be an excellent weight carrier, extremely stable, well balanced, fast for the power installed and altogether a most desirable sort of pleasure or work boat.
The lines and model are not entirely our own. A year, or so, ago an old client of ours sent us an old blueprint of what he called a modified Jersey skiff. The tracing from which the print had been made was drawn freehand and showed unevenness in profile, deck plan and body plan and, because of this, considerable unfairness; no table of offsets, construction or arrangement plan were shown. It will be of special interest here to mention that the late Victor Slocum was the delineator of the lines of the skiff in question. Victor was the older son of Captain Joshua Slocum, known the world over as the skipper of the sloop Spray and the first man to sail single-handed around the world.

Unlike our design, today's Jersey skiff is a round-bilge lap-strake motorboat having a conventional keel and deadwood. Name the model what you will, this boat still remains one of excellent proportions, ability and usefulness; a man's kind of small boat. And, as a mark of respect to the Slocum family, can one think of a better name for the design than Victor Slocum? So be it.

The motor shown in the plans is a Baby Huskie single-cylinder 6 h.p. Palmer. The speed of the skiff should be a good 8 m.p.h.

Plans for Victor Slocum are $100




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