Wake Robin
A 19' 4" Shelter-Cabin Runabout
By William & John Atkin
A Shelter Cabin Runabout
Here are the plans of Wake Robin. Name her what you will, she still will be a first class little boat. The over-all length of this latest of the family is, 19 feet 4 inches, the water line length is 18 feet, the breadth 6 feet 2 inches, and the draft under the keel, 1 foot 6 inches (under the propeller the draft is 3 inches more; 1 foot 9 inches all told.) The freeboard at the bow is 4 feet 6 1/2 inches; the least freeboard, 3 feet 2 1/2 inches; and at the stern it is 3 feet 6 1/2 inches. So one can see this is a boat of considerable power and ability; not a cockleshell. In connection with this, the depth amidships from the sheer to the rabbet line is 3 feet 2 inches; this means generous displacement.
The profile and deck plans of Wake Robin show the motor installed under a house amidships. This does not extend fully across the boat; rather it leaves a passageway on the starboard hand between the shelter house and the after cockpit. The shelter house is approximately 4 feet 8 inches long and has comfortable room inside for three people; the headroom is 4 feet 4 inches under the top carlins. A long seat, or thwart, stretches across the hull forward of the motor house and, of course, is within reach of the steering wheel and motor controls. The space beneath the forward deck provides a place to stow anchors, life preservers, and such items as require a dry place for safe keeping. The motor house is 3 feet 9 inches long; the after cockpit 6 feet 1 inch long.
Wake Robin is a round bilge boat, with firm deadrise, not too wide stern, reasonable flare, flam and tumblehome. The keel extends nearly the length of the water line and is straight from station 3 to station 9; here it tucks up to save wetted surface and does not upset the run of the water into the propeller. She will not only be fast for the power installed but, of greater importance, an excellent performer in rough and smooth water.
The motor shown in the plans is a four-cylinder, 132 cubic inch Palmer, developing 25 h.p. at 1600 r.p.m. The speed of the boat with a motor of approximately this size and type will be a good 18 miles an hour. Universal, Lathrop, Red Wing, Gray, Kermath, and other manufacturers make motors of similar characteristics which will be entirely suited for this particular hull design. I would not advise installing any motor of much over 210 cubic inch cylinder displacement nor one weighing over 650-700 pounds.
Plans for Wake Robin are $100






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