A 21' 7" V-Bottom Raised-Deck Day Cruiser
By William Atkin
A 21-Foot Day Cruiser
Recently many inquiries have turned up asking for a smaller edition of Bam, a 26-footer designed a few years ago for day cruising. And so here it is in Bamaling. This boat is not in any sense a reduction in proportion of the former design; she is rather a similar idea worked into an entirely new design.
Bamaling is 21 feet 7 inches in overall length; 21 feet water line; 7 feet 10 inches in breadth; and 1 foot 9 inches draft. The freeboard at the bow is 3 feet 10 inches, and at the stern 2 feet 7 1/2 inches. She is of V-bottom model having straight sections below the chines and moulded sections above. She was designed for the amateur boatbuilder and therefore the construction is kept as simple as possible. Also the dimensions and weight have been carefully considered because most every amateur-built boat must be transported from its back-yard building stocks to the water, and this can be a serious undertaking if the boat is much larger than Bamaling.

There is a raised platform as shown. The motor, starting batteries, muffler, etc., are installed under this. Steersman's seat, steerer, and motor controls are conveniently arranged on the platform and of course protected by the standing top and windshield. This has proved to be an excellent layout. While there is not full standing headroom over the platform, there is generous sitting room; and full 6 feet headroom in the passageway leading to the companion doorway.

The cabin is fitted with two bunks and a small locker with a top that can be used as a table for a small alcohol stove. Bamaling, remember, is purely a day cruising boat and the cabin is simply a cuddy to get into in case of hard rain, or a place to keep warm. The headroom is 4 feet 4 inches; it is impossible to get more than this without making the sides too high.

A motor having a cylinder capacity of about 140 cubic inches and weighing less than 600 pounds will be ample for speeds up to 19 miles an hour.
Plans for Bamaling are $100




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