Dancing Feather
A 33' 6" Raised-Deck Cruiser
By William Atkin
A Wholesome Cruiser of Moderate Speed
There is great happiness in the owning of a boat; and as I grow older I find myself becoming increasingly friendly to the slower types, not that I have slowed up myself; but rather that I appreciate better the charm there is in taking ample time while traveling, whether for fun or for profit. After all we go boating for recreation and there is lots of comfort in taking one's time in the prospect. For this mood I have designed Dancing Feather, a wholesome raised deck cruiser designed for speeds up to 13 miles an hour.
This latest little ship of MoToR BoatinG's family is 33 feet, 6 inches in over all length; 32 feet on the water line; 9 feet, 1 inch breadth; and 2 feet, 7 inches draft. The freeboard forward is 5 feet, 2 inches, while at the stern this measurement is 2 feet, 10 inches. The displacement is 9,500 pounds. Inside ballast weighing 1,500 pounds should be stowed between stations 4 and 7. Ballast is always desirable in craft of slower speeds; it tends to check or dampen rolling and adds stability and comfort.

Dancing Feather is designed for the comfort of four. The cockpit is nicely fitted for this number having 8 feet of length and a breadth of nearly 7 feet. The little cuddy aft is small, but provides two wide berths, and wide berths have certain compensations; and as these berths will not be used for sofas by day they can have real mattresses; not combined cushions and mattresses which are neither one thing nor the other. It is most unhappy sleeping on a well rounded hard upholstered sofa cushion; the regulation stock variety as made for boats by people who never have to sleep on them. Rather a little cuddy with big mattresses for this, your designer.

The main cabin shows the galley aft; alcohol stove, wash tray, sink, and lockers on the port side: ice chest, locker, dish shelf, and chart table (the top of ice chest) on the starboard side. Then two berths having lockers below; and forward of these hanging locker and chest of drawers. The toilet room is in the bow, fitted with the usual accessories. Take the advice from me and finish the cabin of Dancing Feather in the simplest and most practical manner. You know a small boat is likely to get very wet both inside and out and by eliminating costly trimmings there is less to take care of, and if the treatment below is intelligently handled the snuggest and the most pleasing effect can be arrived at with the plainest of materials.

The lines of Dancing Feather show a model that will be an excellent performer in any kind of weather; in fact with minor alterations she would be perfectly adapted for long offshore cruises or passages. The sections show much more deadrise than the mode now features; however deadrise spells an easy going boat in anything of a sea. And is furthermore, when combined with easy buttock lines and water lines, a contributing factor toward moderate speed with modest horsepower. This is especially the case as it concerns the after body sections.

A Universal Cruiser model motor is shown on the plans; this is a six cylinder 3 1/2-inch bore by 4 1/2-inch stroke motor developing 50 h.p. at 1,600 turns per minute. Motors are made so well now that it becomes a toss-up as to which to purchase. Personal preference may dictate a Gray, Kermath, Red Wing, Lycoming, Palmer, Chrysler, Scripps, or some other. So long as the motor selected for Dancing Feather will turn an 18 inch by 12 inch three blade propeller 1,600 turns per minute the performance will be satisfactory.

Plans for Dancing Feather are $100






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