A 28' 1" Fast V-Bottom Sedan Cruiser
By William Atkin
A Fast Cruiser
Flyaway is full of the exilarating charm of modern motor boating. Flyaway is an excellent kind of boat and she is of a type that has become extremely popular and this is little to be wondered at. Here is a boat having a fine turn of speed, 25 miles an hour; a boat having an airy and light cabin with full six foot headroom; a boat with a comfortable cockpit; sleeping accommodations; ability to keep going in any reasonable weather; and one that is not too expensive to build either from the amateur's standpoint or from that of the professional builder.
The length of this fast cruiser is 28 feet 1 inch; the length on the water line is 27 feet 0 inches; the breadth, 8 feet 4 inches; the draft exclusive of propeller, 1 foot 9 inches. She has generous freeboard both at bow and stern which speaks well for dryness and ability. The cockpit floor is sufficiently high to drain of itself; it will be necessary however to build this at two levels, the fore end being raised to clear the top of the motor.
The cabin is simply and conveniently arranged for two. Additional sleeping accommodations can be managed by fitting hinged berths to lift over the regular built in berths. Thus when not in use the uppers form cushioned backs for the lowers. With the companionway entering in the center the cabin is nicely balanced. A galley 3 feet long and nestling against the after bulkhead contains a two burner alcohol stove, copper or monel sink, shelf for dishes, and beneath these an ice box and locker for pans and all those what-nots that gathered together comprise the culinary department of a small cruising motor boat. The two berths are staggered as shown which leaves a 3 foot space forward on the starboard side for the steersman's seat with its wheel and motor controls. The headroom throughout the cabin is 6 feet. There is a toilet room under the forward deck, and while the headroom is limited it seems to be the logical location for this convenience.

The lines show a V bottom model. Below chine sections are straight; above chine sections moulded showing conservative flare and flam throughout the forward end, and with moderate tumble home from station 7 and aft to the stern. Unlike many fast boats Flyaway has a long straight keel affording protection in case of grounding and simplifying the problems of hauling out for repainting or other minor repairs. The keel gives positive protection to the propeller and shaft, and to the rudder.

The power plant for Flyaway should be a moderately light weight motor developing 125 to 130 h.p. at 3,000 turns per minute. Speed will be slightly over 25 land miles an hour, using a direct drive propeller.

Plans for Flyaway are $100




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