A 26' Double-Ended Low-Power Cruiser
By William Atkin
The Double-Ender Jabberwock
This, then, is Jabberwock. Twenty-six feet long she is, 24 feet 3 inches on the waterline, 7 feet 6 inches of beam, and 2 feet draft. For all her shallow draft she will be an excellent sea boat, dry, comfortable, and easily propelled. At modest speeds the double end model is most efficient. Don't over-power her; 5 to 10 h.p. is ample. Five h.p. like one of Gray's single cylinder motors, the new two cylinder Universal, one of Palmer's little babies, a United States 5 h.p., the 6-8 h.p. two cylinder Kermath will provide power for speeds of from 5 1/2 to 7 miles an hour.
The lines show a symmetrical hull with good beam, easy bilges, bold sheer, plenty of flare, and easy lines. Here is a model that will be reasonably easy to frame and plank, and one that will have nice balance.
Jabberwock was originally designed as a sailboat.
Plans for Jabberwock are $150
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