Little Effort
A 23' 11" Flat-Bottom Day Cruiser
By William & John Atkin
An Ideal Day Cruiser for the Amateur Boatbuilder

Since the publication of the designs of Russell R. in the April 1953 MoToR BoatinG, an unusual number of letters have reached us about the design. Most of these inquiries are from readers that wish to use inboard power rather than the outboard motor specified. Others felt design of slightly larger boat of this particular type would be most welcome.

It will be remembered that Russell R. is a flat-bottomed open boat fitted with a windshield and semi-permanent khaki shelterhouse. Providing the breadth is kept within a reasonable ratio to the overall length, a flat-bottomed hull will perform just as well as any other model. Skipping the decimals, and not splitting hairs, the breadth of Russell R., and of Little Effort, comes to approximately one quarter of the overall length. This is a desirable proportion of breadth to overall length for almost any variety or type of small cruising or open motorboat.

We have in Little Effort a well-thought-out small day cruising boat. Her dimensions are: length over all, 23 feet 11 inches; length waterline, 22 feet; breadth, 6 feet; and draft, 1 foot 5 inches. The freeboard at the bow is 3 feet 1 1/2 inches; the least freeboard, 1 foot 10 inches; and at the stern, 2 feet.

It will be noticed that the bottom is of a form and breadth which permits generous flare in the topsides and, unlike the usual flat-bottomed hull, is sharp in the forward sections. The latter contributes much to the ability of the packet to buck into a head sea without serious pounding. The topsides have generous flare and because of this and, coupled with the high freeboard, will keep spray down. The lines show a hull of extremely simple form and one which lends itself to a minimum of parts and materials; it is, therefore, an ideal boat for the amateur builder or, for that matter, the professional builder as well.

The motor shown on the plans is a Gray Lugger Four 112, 29 h.p. turning at 2,000 r.p.m. Speed will be close to 18 m.p.h. Universal, Kermath, Red Wing, and several other motor manufacturers produce motors of approximately this size and power. Excellent results will be had from any of the above.
Plans for Little Effort are $100




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