Magic Minnow
A 24' 7" V-Bottom Raised-Deck Day Cruiser
By William & John Atkin
A Day Cruiser
The design this month shows a small motor boat without frills and of medium speed. Her plans indicate a neat little V bottom raised deck day cruiser 24 feet 7 inches over all, 24 feet on the water line, 8 feet 2 inches in breadth, and 1 foot 9 1/2 inches in draft. Despite her modest dimensions Magic Minnow has more than usual ability to jog along at a fair speed whether or not a sea makes up or the warm sunlight shines on its rippleless surface.
The cabin, of course, is small but there is room for two bunks, small locker, toilet facilities, and ground tackle locker. The headroom under the beams is 4 feet 4 inches.
The lines show a hull having characteristics that are ideally suited for speeds up to approximately 20 miles an hour, and with reasonable fuel economy. If Magic Minnow is fitted with a motor similar to that shown on the plans, which, by the way, is a 25-45 horsepower four cylinder Red Wing, the little day boat will have a speed of very close to 18 real miles an hour. Eighteen miles an hour is not a speed to be laughed at; in fact it is a wholesome practical speed and one at which any well designed boat can jog along in safety and comfort. Also this speed can be gotten with modest horsepower. Modest horsepower means lower first cost, smaller fuel consumption, smaller tanks, and less vibration. Because of the reasonable speed expected and also to improve the performance of the boat in rough water the stern is markedly pinched in at the chine. It will be further noticed that sectional deadrise carries all the way to the stern. Magic Minnow should not be powered with a motor of much over 200 cubic inch cylinder capacity, nor one of much less than 133 cubic inches. All of the bottom sections are straight, while those in the topsides are moulded. This is not a form which can be planked with plywood.
Magic Minnow would make a wonderful boat for fishing, especially for trolling. The after seat should in this case be omitted, leaving the cockpit open for chairs, or a single thwart located at a convenient distance from the stern. The draft is not excessive and with the motor specified, or one of similar kind, the little boat can be slowed down to any desired trolling speed. By the way, this month's design carries the name of a popular striped bass spinner which, if the boat is used for fishing, may be a talisman of good luck and the landing of a thirty-six pounder.
Plans for Magic Minnow are $100




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