A 27' 5" Flat-Bottom Raised-Deck Day Cruiser
By William Atkin
A Shelter Cabin Runabout
Marcia is a very useful kind of motor boat. Not big; but not by any stretch of the imagination small. Her overall length is 27 feet 5 inches; water line length, 27 feet; breadth 7 feet 6 inches; and draft 1 foot 8 1/2 inches. For satisfactory performance a flat bottom motor boat should lean a little toward the narrow side; and thus it will be noticed is Marcia; by the same token your flat bottom motor boat should be on the light side.
The outboard profile of this shelter cabin runabout shows the mode of today in boats; not really streamlining, rather modern symmetry. The deck plan shows a cockpit opening 10 feet long and 5 feet 9 inches wide. A seat with gasoline tanks under extends across the after end of cockpit, The motor housing is somewhat abaft of amidships, with the steersman's seat up under the standing top. There is a passageway on the same level as the cockpit floor leading past the motor box, then a step-down to provide a comfortable entrance into the cabin; there is 6 feet 2 inches headroom under the standing top. Foot room forward of the helmsman's seat is raised and the seat is at proper height to assure clear vision ahead. A spoked steering wheel, clutch and motor controls are on the cabin bulkhead.
This little boat is not intended for extensive cruising. Therefore the cabin is small and very simply laid out. However there is room to sleep, locker space, and a place to cook, and a small ice box. There is good room over the bunks to sit upright, and 4 feet 5 inches headroom under the deck beams. The deadlights are fixed. Ample ventilation will come from the forward hatch and through the companionway.

The sections of design number 436, Marcia, are all absolutely straight; there is ample flare, but it will be noticed, no flam. The purpose of these straight sections is to ease the process of planking and to have a design that can be planked with light steel, waterproof plywood, or in the usual boatbuilder's manner, with wooden strakes and seam battens. Above the line of the sheer the sections show a tumble-home to the line of the raised deck; and it will be noticed, too, that the sides of the deckhouse also tumble home. This has a number of advantages; the deck weight is lessened, windage is reduced, and when coming alongside a dock the chances of striking the hull or deck house above the line of the sheer is lessened. To many the appearance is better, while the work of building is no more difficult.

The motor shown on the plans is a Kermath Sea Flyer of 205 cubic inch cylinder displacement. Universal, Gray, Red Wing, Lycoming, and many other manufacturers catalogue motors of similar power and weight. The speed of Marcia with a motor of this general character will be 18 miles an hour.

Plans for Marcia are $100




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