A 24' 8" Flat-Bottom Cruiser
By William Atkin
A Simple Small Cruiser
Marigold is the answer to many requests for a small cruising boat, of inexpensive and simple construction and design. She is 24 feet 8 inches long, 24 feet on the water line, 7 feet 6 inches beam, and 1 foot 10 inches draft. Marigold has ample freeboard to assure comfort and dryness in rough water; at the bow the freeboard is 3 feet 5 inches; at the stern, 2 feet 6 1/2 inches; and at the lowest point, 2 feet 5 inches. The top sides show generous flare and flam; these features contributing not only to the ability of the little boat in rough water; but to her appearance as well.
The arrangement of the deck shows a trunk cabin having its sides extending aft either side of the cockpit; and forward, forming thus a protected nook that can be used as a substitute for a forward cockpit, the latter being impractical in a boat of this size. There is a foot wide deck outside of the house sides; a feature that should be incorporated in the design of every boat. The cockpit is 7 feet 2 inches long by 5 feet 6 inches wide and carries a comfortable seat across its after end. The motor is housed under a removable box, the top of which being level serves also as a table. There is 5 feet 11 inches headroom under the standing top.
The cabin is laid out for two, and it is quite a large place. There is a separate toilet room fitted with the usual water closet; also a number of conveniently located shelves. There is a hanging locker 3 feet 3 inches high having a neat railing on top. There is a galley 4 feet long and this contains sink, built in table with lockers under. The two burner stove finds a place against the cabin bulkhead. There are two berths, and under these lockers. The head room is nearly 5 feet and this is about all one can expect in a small boat of this particular type. Too much headroom means too much freeboard and cabin height with resulting top-heaviness.
Marigold should not be overpowered. In the plans are indicated a Gray Four 30; this is the maximum power I should install, and ample for speeds up to 11 miles an hour. Since one is likely to want electric lighting for the cabin the motor might as well be fitted with proper starter, generator, battery, etc. In this case starting is quick and sure.
Plans for Marigold are $100




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