A 28' 1" Seabright Skiff Cruiser
By William Atkin
28-Foot Seabright Skiff Cruiser
There are certain features about Seabright skiffs that makes these boats stand in an exclusive class. If you will give the underwater form some thought you will see among other things that after the water reaches the mid-section it flows easily under the bottom of the flat straight keel, along the sides of the box dead-wood, and along the curving round sections of the lower topsides, and all three streams meet at the propeller. Result is great efficiency. The sections forward of mid-section enter the water easily, and the flat of the bottom narrows quickly where the round of the topsides meets it. The result is very little pound, running into a head sea; at any rate much less than usually accepted as inevitable in round bilge or V bottomed hulls. I do not know of any other type motor boat that will take the beating these sea skiffs take.

Having always had a keen interest in the Seabright skiff I started collecting information in connection with them over twenty years ago. And have since turned out originals and developments. In Naiad all the earmarks of the old timers survive below the water line, with developments that seem worth while for modern cruising above the water line. Naiad is the fortieth Seabright skiff type motor boat I have produced; so there is nothing experimental about her. For all her yachtiness, Naiad can be hauled up on rollers: if the flat part of her keel is covered with heavy copper she can be left high and dry over the winter months on any smooth beach or mud flat. She can go in shallow water, and if grounded can be dragged off without damage of any kind. Naiad is the practical man's ideal cruising boat.

Her over all length is 28 feet 1 inch; water line length 27 feet; breadth 8 feet 8 inches; draft 2 feet; freeboard at the bow is 4 feet; and at the stern, 3 feet 4 inches. In addition to her motor weights, fuel, water, passengers, etc., Naiad is designed to carry 2,000 pounds of ballast.

The cockpit is 10 feet 1 inch long by approximately 7 feet wide. The motor is under flush hatches as shown. A comfortable seat is across the after end. The standing top falls short in length about 3 feet; this leaves room for fishing rods, and permits sun to reach part of the cockpit. The steering wheel, motor controls, reverse lever and instrument board are on the port hand. The companionway is in the center; the slide to be hinged as shown. The water way each side of the standing top is 10 inches wide, giving comfortable foot room. The cockpit floor is of course well above the water line and will be self draining.

The cabin is laid out for two. The headroom is 5 feet 11 inches under the cabin top beams. The galley is aft. An alcohol stove and ice box are on the port hand; sink and lockers opposite. Dish shelves are over ice box and sink. The floor width is ample, 3 feet 3 inches in the galley. Berths with lockers beneath 5 feet 4 inches long take up the middle part of the cabin. The toilet room is forward and contains lockers, bureau, hanging space, water closet and folding lavatory.

Naiad's speed will be 17 miles an hour powered with a motor of about 280 cubic inches cylinder displacement, turning at about 1500 r.p.m. The motor shown on the plans is a 52 h.p. Red Wing Thorobred six cylinder model. Kermath, Gray, Universal, and Scripps make models of similar capacity, any one of which will give excellent results as power for Naiad.
Plans for Naiad are $100




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