Nanuk III
A 28' 7" Tunnel-Stern Day Cruiser
By William Atkin
A Shallow Water Cruiser
If you will go into the West Coast of Florida you will find thousands of miles of protected waterways in which the depth of water precludes the possibility of using anything but an extremely shallow draft cruiser. Out through the middle west many of our waterways are shallow; and require something rather different in the way of cruising craft than the usual perfected cruiser. The fact of the matter is that there are innumerable watering places where the water is laid out broad, and wide; but woefully shallow; and for such as these, and for the men who must cruise on shallow water, Nanuk III has been designed.
She is different; if not radical. But not in any sense of the word experimental. Above the chine edge this newest of MoToR BoatinG's family is much the same as any other Vee bottom boat. Her wide flat keel is similar in most respects to the keels of the famous Jersey Seabright skiffs. The intervening bottom is my contribution to the art of naval architecture as it applies to small boats. A study of the lines will show how the thing works out. This is not, it will be seen, the usual tunneled stern model; rather there are two triangular sectioned tunnels leading the water stream either side of the box deadwood, thence into the propeller. The top of the box deadwood and the horn timber are well above the water line at stations 10 and 11. At station 12 the horn timber sweeps down to 1 1/2 inch above the water line. This permits using a 17 inch diameter propeller on a draft of 14 inches. The bottom of the keel is a straight line protecting propeller and rudder from damage in case of grounding. Boats of this form are fast, and rather surprisingly good sea goers. Nanuk III will develop a speed of 12 1/2 miles an hour if powered with a 35 h.p. motor turning a 12 inch diameter propeller having a pitch of 12 inches at 1,600 turns a minute.
And thus comes to light, Nanuk III, a very shallow draft cruising motor boat for the fellow who lives by water that is long and wide; but shoal. Build her as she is and you will have an excellent craft; change her and look for disappointment.
Plans for Nanuk III are $100




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