Roaring Forty
A 30' 6" Raised-Deck Fishing Cruiser
By William Atkin
A Seaworthy and SpeedyCruiser for Fishing in Rough Water
Roaring Forty was designed with a view to seaworthiness and good speed and should be a very useful kind of boat for limited cruising and for serious fishing in rough water. The principal dimensions are: length over all, 30 feet 6 inches; length on water line, 29 feet; breadth, 9 feet 1 inch; and draft, 2 feet 8 inches. The freeboard at the bow to the top of raised deck is 5 feet 2 inches and to the sheer line at the bow is 4 feet 1/8 inch. The least freeboard is 2 feet 8 inches, and the freeboard at the stern 2 feet 10 inches.
The cabin and cockpit are laid out with a view to fishing and limited cruising for a party of two. Providing the construction is kept light in weight, sashes might be fitted under the pilot house top and so provide additional indoor accommodations. Personally I do not like closed in cockpits or hermetically sealed-up closed automobiles; however I am the exception rather than the rule in this matter of being outdoors for pleasure. There is 6 feet of headroom under the cabin top carlins, and full headroom under the pilot house deck. I would rather not see these heights increased for several very good reasons.
It will be noticed that the sections show rather more deadrise than is usually associated with small cruising motor boats. My experience has been that the correct degree of deadrise contributes to the comfort and ability of small boats more than any other feature and that proper deadrise and correct balance produce exceptional boats.
The motor shown on the plans is a six cylinder model having a cylinder displacement of 320 cubic inches and a weight of 950 pounds. A boat like this needs 55 horsepower at 1,600 r.p.m. and with this kind of power plant will comfortably give Roaring Forty a speed between 12 and 13 miles an hour, the speed in degree depending upon how nearly the hull is built to the lines and the smoothness of its entire bottom.
Plans for Roaring Forty are $100




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