A 7' 11" Flat-Bottom Pram-Bowed Tender
By William Atkin
An Easily Constructed Small Work Boat Which Will Carry a Big Load, Tow Easily and Handle Safely
I have been asked by several how I should change my Rinky-Dink should I build another; the answer is given in the plans herewith of Sally-Ann. The changes are not great. Perhaps the most noticeable is the increased length, 7 feet 11 inches; and the single plank on the sides. Then I have widened the bow both at the bottom and on deck, and ran the bottom upward to a rather shallow bow piece. The result of these changes will be to simplify the construction, and to increase the carrying capacity of the boat with but little additional weight. The longer hull permits using a thwart across the middle, needed for strength, and one at either end. As I see it the little boat will be nearly perfect as now laid out and I am planning to build to the new plan so as to learn how close I am to the mark.
Sally-Ann should be built entirely of white cedar and spruce or oak. These are light woods, strong, and especially well adapted for the building of any kind of small boat. If it is difficult to obtain the cedar any of the following woods may be used in its place: red wood, Oregon fir, mahogany (use 3/8-inch in thickness), sap cypress, or white pine; and for choice about as in the order given. I believe it is possible to buy spruce almost anywhere.
Large scale plans for Sally-Ann are $100
Sally-Ann may also be built from The Small Boat Book
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