A 46' Schooner-Rigged Motorsailer
By William Atkin
A Schooner-Rigged Motor Sailer
Here are the plans of a wholesome little ship. These present to many inquirers working drawings of a boat as big as Vega and of her general type; but fitted with a pilot house and having more the aspects of a motor boat than a vessel propelled by sails.

Magpie is a schooner-rigged, diesel-powered motor sailer. She is 46 feet in over all length; 41 feet on the water line; 13 feet, 1 inch beam, and 5 feet draft. The freeboard at the bow is 6 feet, 1 inch and at the stern 4 feet, 1/2 inch. All ballast will be carried inside and will be cement loaded with boiler punchings or broken sash weights. The total weight of ballast should be approximately 10,000 pounds.

The sail area of Magpie is modest; purely auxiliary to the power plant. While there is the usual foremast the foresail is omitted from the sail plan. The foot will be in the way of the pilot house, and the sail will be difficult to handle with its foot so high from the deck. The jib spreads 119 square feet; the staysail, 129 square feet; and the mainsail, 225 square feet; 475 feet all told. The masts and other spars will be solid and made from spruce. The standing rigging is heavy and simple in design. Deadeyes with tarred lanyards are used rather than turnbuckles because these are in keeping with the balance of the design and have many advantages over the turnbuckles, not least of which are reduced cost, greater strength, and ease of repair.

The deck plan shows the conventional pilot house and trunk cabin, these leaving a generous width of clear deck all around the boat. The deck over the forecastle is raised. There is a small forward deck house which gives into the forward cabin and brings the headroom here to something over 6 feet. A stairway leads from the pilot house into the galley; and a companionway on the starboard side of the trunk cabin gives access to the two after cabins. A Frostbite dinghy can be carried on the cabin trunk. Magpie may be steered from the deck or from the pilot house. Twin seats abreast the mainmast supply a happy touch to the leg weary and to the basker in the sun.
Below decks Magpie shows lots of room. The forward cabin sleeps two on built-in berths and contains dressers and separate toilet room; the head room, as mentioned before, is over six feet under the deckhouse and in the standing part of the toilet room. The motor room is under the pilot house floor, access to it being through flush hatches in the pilot house floor and through the doorway into the forward cabin. There is excellent room for fuel tanks, 200 gallon capacity, small electric generating set, switch board, power bilge pump, starting and lighting batteries in the motor room. The motor shown in the plans is a four cylinder Red Wing-Waukesha 80-90 Hesselman diesel motor. There are several other diesel power plants suitable for powering Magpie, such as Kermath, Superior, Buda, Cummins, etc. The galley is amidships, containing the usual fixtures. The main cabin is abaft the galley and fitted with built-in fixed berths having sofas in front. The after cabin sleeps two and has an adjoining toilet room. The companionway from the cabin trunk leads into an entry between the main cabin and after stateroom. Headroom throughout the cabins is six feet.
Plans for Magpie are $400




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