A 21' 9 3/4" V-Bottom Knockabout
By William & John Atkin
A Burdensome Day Sailing Boat
Here, shipmates, we present Victoria, our 781st design, and what a straightforward, practical and useful little craft she is. All frills are set aside and still she is a lady of wholesome character and rugged usefulness. On an overall length of 21' 9 3/4", a waterline length of 20', a breadth of 7' 7", and a draft of 1' 4" this latest lady of MoToR BoatinG's large family of proved boats has ample capacity to seat comfortably from six to eight persons.

Victoria is not a racing boat; she is rather a "fun" boat; a boat in which, with half a dozen friends, one can sail willy-nilly through a summer's day. Or, if the wind falls, to doze off to the soft sound of ripples beneath the bottom and the gentle flapping of idle sails and slacked-off rigging. Just a fun boat in which to slip away from traffic noise, hustle, and tension. Then, too, Victoria will prove to be a well behaved, weatherly craft, stiff, useful, dry, safe and burdensome. On this score she will be exceptionally well adapted for use as an instructor's boat for teaching the art of sailing. She would be ideal if used as a rental boat, by the day, week or season. Here, then, is a multipurpose sailing boat.

For club one-design racing, Victoria offers much. She is large enough to carry a crew of four and still have a creditable turn of speed. Rigged with light sails, the little hooker would be a fine training craft for boys and girls as its crew. With four on the windward rail, she would remind one of the exciting days of the sandbaggers, sheets flattened, roaring along.

The arrangement plan is somewhat out of the ordinary, It has an old-fashion "stern sheets" -- as well as thwarts at the forward and aft end of the centerboard trunk, a husky mast-bench, and, in the eyes, a triangular seat. The side seats extend from the stern to the mast bench.
The overall dimensions are given above. Add to these the freeboard at the stem, 3' 2", the least freeboard, 2' 0"; and at the stern 2' 3 1/2". It may be of interest to add the depth from the gunwale to the floor boards, this is 2' 8" which gives a good idea of the capacity of this design. Sitting on the side seats, one's armpits will clear the gunwales about 2". This means you will be in the boat, not on it, two very different things. There is, because of this, a comfortable feeling of security when chopping around in rough water.
Plans for Victoria are $100




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