Yum Yum
A 20' Fast V-Bottom Fisherman
By John Atkin
A Fast Fisherman
Yum Yum is a slightly enlarged cousin of the Pollard 19. She's a big, husky boat for her length, with room in the cockpit for three or four fishermen on a day trip and weekend camping accommodations for a couple in the cuddy. Yum Yum is 20 feet long on deck, 18 feet on the waterline, with a beam of 7 feet, 3 1/4 inches and a draft of 1 foot, 7 inches. Her freeboard forward is 3 feet, 4 1/2 inches, 2 feet, 1 1/8 inches at the lowest point and 2 feet, 2 1/8 inches aft.
The 11 foot long cockpit is open all the way to the transom to make it easier to land large fish. A single bench seat all the way across the cockpit has a removable backrest that can be installed facing forward or backward, for comfort while fishing over the stern or while on the trip to the fishing grounds -- or just sightseeing. In the forward part of the cockpit there are step-down standing wells on either side of the engine box, with a folding seat in each one.
There is 4 feet 6 inches of headroom in the cuddy, between the beams, and sitting headroom over a roomy V-berth. There is a space for a portable toilet under the berth.

Yum Yum will do something near 26 mph. if built according to the plans and powered with a 226 cu. in. 120 hp. six cylinder Gray Marine engine of the sort available in 1964, when she was designed. A more modern engine of similar displacement should give about the same performance if fitted with the proper propeller.

Construction is fairly light, with a 1/2" MDO plywood planked bottom and 1/2" cedar batten-seam topsides.

Plans for Yum Yum are $100






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