John Atkin

Dear Shipmate,


Obviously we, collectively, are not the run of the mill owners of "white fiberglass auxiliaries with blue sail covers!" Let us be thankful for thinking in our individual manner.

However, I want to encourage you to face the fact that there is no "easy way" to build a proper boat, large or small.


The gathering of the background of a particular designer's work, one ideally with experience in the type of boat you are interested in building and, ultimately, building the boat as conceived by the designer (other than minor lay-out changes) will prove to be a rewarding experience in time, material and money.


The reward of "building your boat" and looking out over the anchorage, or in a marina, and being able to say "I built that" is a most gratifying experience.


Consider the time involved in building a proper small boat or yacht. The end product should be fun in all respects. But do purchase stock plans which please you and do not mess up the designer's long experience in designing the boat you like.


All of the designs included in this catalog are well proven over many years, All are based on the fundamental factor which is that "each design is based on tradition, accumulating the best which has proven satisfactory in the past for use in the present." I wrote this some twenty years ago and will continue in the development of practical designs, accepting what is new and practical until proven otherwise.


Several of my late father's designs of husky, displacement power boats are "old fashioned" in appearance but in practice the 36 ft. Mister Simms and the 37 ft. Navarana as well as others, have proven, over the years, to be entirely practical, wholesome and efficiently driven vessels of substantial ability.


To my eye, virtually all of the day sailors, the tabloid cruising boats, up to the larger well proven offshore cruising sailing yachts and many passagemakers are entirely practical in all respects.


The latter being sea kindly, moderately to extreme fast under various points of sail, are entirely acceptable and all extremely sea-kindly and comfortable to be aboard for long periods of time.

Encouragingly, hardly a day goes by which does not bring in an inquiry, or a stock plan order, for one of our boats. Pat and I look forward to hearing from you and will continue to lend all possible assistance in seeing that "your boat" comes up; to all expectations.


This, Shipmate, is what "makes each day worthwhile." Following in the "course" so well covered over many years of Billy Atkin has not always been easy. But I appreciate the heritage he left me as well as the many friends and clients the world over.

And, Shipmate, never forget "the sea remains the same."