Books by the Atkins:
The Small Boat Book by William Atkin
Of Yachts and Men by William Atkin
The Book of Boats by William Atkin (used only)
Practical Small Boat Designs by John Atkin (used only)
Building the Skiff Cabin Boy by Clemens C. Kuhlig (used only)
Boatbuilding by Howard I. Chapelle
Boatbuilding Manual by Robert Steward
Boatbuilding with Plywood by Glen L. Witt
Buehler's Backyard Boatbuilding by George Buehler
Lofting by Allan Vaitses
The Complete Rigger's Apprentice by Brion Toss
The Sailmaker's Apprentice by Emiliano Marino
The Ashley Book of Knots by Clifford Ashley
Other Books:
Rebuilding Rose: The Tale of an Atkin Packet Sloop
by Jim Spaulding