The Dink for Aragon II

In Anabelle we have a lightly built skiff. This is both the easiest kind of boat to build, and the least expensive kind to have built. Her length is 10 feet, breadth 3 feet 6 inches and draft (light) 3 1/4 inches; she will carry three comfortably and safely and four in a pinch. There is more than the usual amount of flare to the top sides, which spells stability in a skiff. The bottom is without much rocker so as to make rowing easy, and to supply a fast craft if used with an outboard motor. I have had a skiff much like Anabelle built and she is the best thing of her kind I have ever seen. This sister has a dagger board and leg-o-mutton sail and handles beautifully under canvas.

The lines of Anabelle show a skiff with rather a bold sheer, rounding stem, and narrow stern. She will be planked on the sides with two strakes of 7/16 inch thick white cedar and on the bottom with the same stuff. All the rest of her scantlings will be spruce. Now please do not use oak, or mahogany, or cypress, or some other wood in place of spruce. Spruce is excellent for the purpose. It is light, tough and inexpensive; it holds fastenings well and will last a long, long time if it is kept painted or varnished.