A Modified Dory

The rowing boat Awake is an excellent sort of boat for use in either salt water or fresh water. The boat is well suited for most kinds of fishing, especially trolling for striped bass and other fish that feed in shallow water.

Awake was designed primarily for rowing, and she will row very easily. A small outboard motor can be used for power, but it should not be more than 2 1/2 or 3 h.p.

The principal dimensions of this modified dory are 13 feet 11 inches overall by 12 feet on the waterline by 4 feet 4 1/2 inches beam and 4 inches draft. Freeboard is an even 2 feet at the bow and 1 foot 5 inches at the stern. If built to the scantlings indicated, the finished boat will weigh about 150 pounds.

The lines drawing illustrates a conventional dory like those made famous around Swampscott, Massachusetts. The flat bottom has a slight amount of rocker, the bilges are rounded, and the planking is lapstrake. The ample flare ensures dryness and provides reserve buoyancy. Awake was designed for rowing, so if she is pushed at much more than 8 miles per hour, the bow will rise and the stern will settle.

Unlike the bottom of the usual Bank dory, that of Awake is relatively wide. This increases the stability considerably. All dories (including the narrow-bottomed Bank dories) are excellent boats, able and easy to row. Nonetheless, the modified Swampscott dory, with its wider bottom aft, is more stable initially. The Bank dories have low initial stability when empty and require a cargo of fish -- or proper ballasting -- to provide stability. Thus they are not as practical for all-around use as a boat like Awake.

Rowing continues to grow in popularity and is both grand exercise and a rewarding means of keeping in shape. Awake will be excellent for the sport, for she is very well balanced and tucked up sufficiently to slide through the water easily.

There have been a great many dory designs over the years, but there is always room for another approach to the design -- one that is not too difficult or expensive to build to meet the needs of the many people in search of a simple, practical boat.

Awake is a slightly enlarged modification of Wideawake