John Atkin's Last Boat

George is my design of a traditional skiff. Flat bottom, ample flare in her topsides, the skiff slides along with ease. She will provide any owner with the joys of being afloat, and will be an excellent means of obtaining healthy exercise, alone or accompanied by friends, while enjoying the sights of the seaboard -- and the quietude of being afloat.

Principal dimensions of George are 16 ft. overall by 15 ft. on her waterline by 4 ft. beam. The boat draws but 3 7/8 in.

My boat is planked fore and aft with three strakes strakes either side of her of 1/2 in. white cedar. Her bottom is 5/8 inch white cedar. The bottom planking extends fore and aft, with oak battens inboard these. Side frames are spaced 30 in. on centers. All fastenings are non-ferrous: Evurdur bronze, copper rivets, etc. She sports spruce spoon oars and galvanized rowlocks, her topsides are flat white, interior mast buff, her sheer guards are varnished mahogany. George was built for me by the talented Bob Wilmes, at East Haddam, Conn., in 1993.

The boat may be built in a traditional manner, of white cedar, oak and mahogany, as indicated above, or in plywood, using 1/4 in. 100% marine material. The working drawings, prepared in a clear, professional manner for either the traditionally constructed boat or those of plywood, are $100.00. Built as designed the prospective builder may be assured of money well spent.

The name is after our dog George, a strong little Norfolk terrior. Tan in color, a constant companion. George is but another amazing treasure, created by Nature -- and yet another gift from a long time Shipmate and loving wife. Pat.