Jim deReynier's Betsy K was built in about 1957 to plan #775, which was always referred to as "The Beckwith Boat." It has recently undergone a major renovation. See the progress below.
Before the renovation!
Splicing the new stem
Replacing the hood ends
New garboards
New stem hoodends
Condition of the old deck beams. The splitting wood was caused by iron nail rot. A few years before this picture, I drilled out 1100 nails and drove oak dowels into the holes.
Rack and pinion steering system
One of the better floor timbers. Despite Atkin drawing requirements about using only White oak, these were red oak( pine would have lasted longer) Red oak allows water to flow through the cells
New white oak floor 3", and frames.
Used hot tar to fill the gap
New bald cypress deck frames
2 layers of 1/2"African mahogany plywood
2 layers of fiberglass with top paint
Bow and deck area finished.