In June of 2020, Jim discovered a plan for a 31'9" brigantine named Anna Maria on the Wooden Boat Forum
Although, we don't have it listed on the site, he contacted Pat, and she was able to find the plans for him.
Jim reviewed the plans, and figured that the best course of action would be to first build a 1/4 scale version of the design!
So here we see his build of the brigantine-ette!
Everything down by a factor of 4, 16 if it's a cross-section, and 64 if it's a volume.
Once he is done with the prototype, Jim will go on to build the real boat...
He will have a good idea how the plans will need to be adjusted when he builds the working/floating/sailing version.  Which, in case you are wondering, will be at 3/4 scale. Or 24 feet.
Back in July 2021, Jim was able to "launch" his prototype