Martin and Ingrid Musson's Tyke in 1955. She was started by a retired Norwegian fisherman at...
Seattle in the 1940s and completed by Ted Engebretson in 1954.
Martin and Ingrid completed a full restoration of Tyke at Port Hadlock...
in early 2006.
Tyke in 2007.
Tyke sailing Port Townsend...
in 2007.
An Eric, Jr. spotted at Cowichan Bay, British Columbia.

Aspira in Mt Sinai before the harbor got filled in.
Aspira On the rocks..... Missed the entrance to the Sand Hole at Lloyd's Neck (also LI Sound) and spent the night.
Aspira, ready for the Summer season in 1972
Aspira painting. Dorothy writes: "I had the richest experiences sailing around Long Island Sound and Block Island. She was more than just a boat to us, she was part of our family."