Ceridwen was built by John & Kevin Magner at Port Angeles,
Washington with much help from owners Matt & Stephanie
McCleary. She was launched in 1994.
Detail of Ceridwen.
Jerry Newton's Maid of Kent
was built by Willard Boatworks
of Costa Mesa, California
and launched in 1962.
Unknown Little Maid of Kent.
Cliff Robb's Aja was launched
in 1974 at North Vancouver, BC
as Kentish Maid.
Aja's taffrail, carved by boat builder Tony Grove.
Bob Boruta's Gusty, 1985.
Irving Giese's Little Maid of Kent on Lake Ascona, Switzerland.

Miranda was built in California in 1975.The boat has been to Hawaii 3 timesin her lifetime so far.
She was sitting on a mooring buoy for 2 years not moving befor finding a new owner in July 2015. New masts are being made, and the owner is amazed that he can still find parts for the 1-cylinder Sabb diesel model G 8 hp motor.

Jeff Willis writes:
"As youths on Lake Superior, we cruised extensively on an Atkin-designed schooner built to the Little Maid of Kent design. We still hold Atkin designs in very high regard, and I think this would be a fitting way to commemorate our adventures abroad on the lake. ...Here is a picture of Carioca, our beloved schooner. "