Alarm was...
launched in 1939.
Dave Kenyon's...
Little Ranger was...
built in Florida...
and launched in 1945.
Harold Herman, writes: Little Ranger took about 5 weeks and 110 hrs. to build. She's scratch built plank on frame. Pine planks.
Decks are Beech, hand pegged with bamboo. Oak spars. some cherry, black walnut, teak hatches and trim.
All the fittings are handmade, some jewelry parts, beads for running lites, clasps for winches.
The pictures don't do her justice. Harold just loves Atkins boats. They turn out to be works of art.
Thanks for your wonderful support. This was the 6th. boat Harold has built.
This is Anthony Robb's "Limey" built in British Columbia.
He bought the plans back in 1969. He has just finished transcribing all his diaries and log books for posterity.