Magic was built by
Captain Dan from
NW Florida.
Magic was launched
in April, 2009.
Antiquity was built by
North Falmouth, Massachusetts.
Antiquity is powered by a
3-cylinder Kubota and will be
used on the West Coast of Fla.
the water.
This Rescue Minor is being built
by Mark Bayne's
of Charleston,
South Carolina
for use in
the Bahamas.
A movie of the Sea Island Rescue Minor in Action.
A 3" to 1' scale model of
Rescue Minor
built by Rich Ledergerber.
Rich and his model.
A foam/fiberglass
Rescue Minor with modified top­sides being built by Bob Vinson
with help from foam/fiberglass expert Dana Greenwood.
Bob Vinson in the middle wear­ing black shirt, Dana Greenwood second from stern in green shirt.
This Rescue Minor was built by Schleiff Boatworks of
Renick, West Virginia in 2008.
Pat Atkin and Timm Schleiff at the 2008 WoodenBoat show in Mystic, Conn.
Pat Atkin, Timm Schleiff
and Pat's nephew at Mystic.
A Rescue Minor being built by
Steve Day and Wally Lathem
of Daphne, Alabama.
William Randolph was built by
Richard Harding in 2009-2010
for use in the Perdido Bay, Ala­bama area.
A video of Joe Sexton's Rescue Minor build.
Frank Buonanno Rescue Minor Build
Bridgeport, CT
Frank Buonanno Rescue Minor
Frank Buonanno Rescue Minor
Frank Buonanno Rescue Minor
Frank Buonanno Rescue Minor

RESCUE MINOR built by Keith Kleinstuber from Devon, UK
Keith stuck faithfully to the hull shape but made the interior to suit his needs and has not found anything he would change yet - except for the crummy weather he has been "enjoying."

A nice photo of the electrically-powered Rescue Minor recently completed at the Great Lakes Boat Building School. The hull is exactly as John designed it, but our second-year instructor and designer, Kees Prins, modified the topsides to compliment the runabout aesthetic that is prevalent in our area of the Great Lakes.