Don & Theresa Rumph's Tortuga, built at Yokohama in 1964.
John and Elizabeth Bassar built Mithril and launched her in December 1979. Here she is leaving Long Beach in 1984 on her way to Maui.

This is Hope, based out of Port Tarakohe, New Zealand owned by Peter Green.She was originally built in 1932 in Dunedin, New Zealand Kauri on Australian Jara frames 6" apart.
Hope is getting new sails. The two forward sails have already been replaced, and the mainsail is next on the list.
Hope has been fully restored with some modern additions as you can see. I love this boat and she gets what ever she needs (wants).
She has a new deck of glassed-over ply.
Also part of the update is a new alloy mast.