David Neilson sailing the Atkin's Tri Trainer in the Great Salt Pond at Block Island<
May 2017, Tommy Dickey from Kemah, Texas writes - I have covered all of the exterior of the hull with Dynel instead of fiberglass and have doubled the overlaps along the chine, stem and transom areas.
The boat will have few mechanical fasteners: three threaded SS rods through the skeg and only the screws and bolts that will fasten the parts that are designed to come out for maintenance like the thwarts, etc..
She is a beautiful design and I am very much enjoying her building process.
April 2018 - Hunky Dory is close to complete. Some final details are needed
Tommy found Bristol Bronze Company that was able to make all the fittings bronze & everything looks classic. 
"I am doing this in the garage with doors opening onto Galveston Bay and the back side to provide lots of gentle cross breezes to help carry the dust outside. LIFE IS GOOD!" 
Hunky Dory under inspection
She looks good for launch!
Friends and family are excited for the launch party!
The cloudy weather did not deter Hunky Dory from her first sail!
A fully crewed boat with 6 people!
Another picture sent January 2019