This Valgerda was spotted on Port Townsend in September, 2008.
This Valgerda with an inboard engine was
built by Brian Atkins
in Australia during the 1990s.
Brandon Ford (right) of Lincoln City, Oregon is using stitch
'n' goo at the chines of
his Valgerda.
I'm afraid Brandon has taken some liberties with the keel.

The Twyman's write:
We finished our Valgerda and what a vessel she is! The shape is lovely, she leaves almost no wake, and is incredibly solid! Every time we take her out, people stop and stare. It’s the most photographed boat on the water! I took some liberty with the keel since were on a very shallow canal, but she’s very stable, and rows well too. It’s an incredible experience every time. We utilized solid white oak and cedar for her deck and frames, and reinforced the chines with west system epoxy and biaxial fiberglass tape. What a joy she was to build, and now sail! Thanks for the wonderful plans, and have great summer!