This fancied up XLNC owned by John S. Addcott did 11.5 mph. with a 5 hp. engine.
Another fancy XLNC, this one owned by a Mr. Matthews, of Bradenton, Florida.
Bill Oakes built this XLNC at Harpswell, Maine.
She's powered by an 8 hp.
Palmer one-cylinder gas engine.

This XLNC is being built by Don Landry in Bayou Vista, Louisiana
Don is doing a wonderful job of building and more photos will be added as he goes along.
Here are a few more progress pictures for November, 2012
Here are a couple more progress pictures for April, 2013
July, 2013 Progress
July, 2013 Progress. The hull has been painted.
An air cooled diesel V-twin engine, 25 H.P. is carefully placed into the XLNC as to not upset the balance of the craft.
The newly christened Snail is ready for launch and sea trials!
Snail can reach 17mph (over ground) with just one person in it! Congratulations Don on a successful first build!!