A Plywood Sailing Skiff

Katelyn is the ultimate sailing skiff in my own list of boats for practical use. She is of modest cost, proper scantlings and reasonably easy to build, using 100% waterproof plywood, white oak and materials easily obtained in most any country of the world.

14 ft. 3 in. oa. by 13 ft. 3 1/2 in. on her waterline by 4 ft. 10 in. beam and 5 in. draft. A flat bottom skiff of proper proportions. Katelyn's sail plan shows a total of 101 sq. ft. of sail area.

Her plywood rudder is hung on the transom -- a proper tiller of white ash. The skipper to sit on the footboards, with the tiller just at hand. Her crew of two or three, of modest weights, to be distributed as necessary to see that the boat trims.

Working drawings include the lines, with offsets indicated on these: sail plan and arrangement of thwarts: construction plan, sections and elevation indicating all scantlings.