A Little Motor Dinghy

I have frittered away more time than I like to contemplate fooling around with designs for very small boats. And dinghies have consumed hours and hours that my practical friends feel should have gone into more profitable channels. But, had I heeded their advice, might not I have become a hard headed business man? And so have lost the joy of messing around with the plans of all this fleet of little ships? I am the happier as it is. And so here's Newt'. Power dinghy minor; 11 feet 4 inches by 4 feet 6 inches of interest and expectation, utility and fun.

The lines show a wholesome and well balanced round bilge hull of generous freeboard, well flared bow sections, a flat run, hard bilges, and good carrying capacity. These features you must have in a power dinghy. Also a dinghy is faulty that will not tow well; because there, will come a time when towing will be necessary. The forefoot is cut away in Newt'. Thus the boat is less likely to root when towing or to gripe when running with the sea under power. Placing the tow line well down on the stem as shown is good practice; tends, this way, to pull the bow up.

I have shown a single cylinder Y.T. Palmer of 2 h.p. There are several excellent motors well suited for installation in Newt'. Among these are the Five 1 Gray; and United States Motor Co. single five h.p. unit, called the Falcon '5'. Speeds up to 7 miles an hour can be expected with motors of this type. Don't overpower the boat.