An email exchange of an Atkin Boat Owner in Italy


From: Gianni Fernandes
To: Pat Atkin
Sent: 2/13/2013
Subject: Boat plan "Ingrid"

Dear Mrs. Atkin

I am the lucky owner from 37 years of a sail boat named Ilda built in Recco and lauched on 1946. Only after a long research I discovered, thanks to the last still alive worker 87 year old "Gitto Angelo Rosaguta", that the constuctor "Pietro Passalacqua" staved my boat using the William Atkin project of Ingrid.


In the period from 1945 and 1947 were built in Recco 3 boats with the same project: Gabriella, San Raffaele and Ciumbin (Ilda) but all as cutter instead of ketch like the original plan.


I decided to write you visiting the Atkin & Co. site because I would like to share with you my have finally discovered the story of Ilda. By this opportunity I send you some pictures:


Gabriella's launch
Ilda before the lauch
Ilda today


Hoping you like, look forward to hear you soon, sincerely

Gianni Fernandes


From: Pat Atkin
To: Gianni Fernandes
Sent: 2/14/2013
Subject: Re: Boat plan "Ingrid"


Good morning Gianni -

Thank you so very much for your good e-mail. It is wonderful to receive the photos. Your boat looks beautiful and shows you keep her very well. Do you race?
I would like very much to add them to my website. Is that okay?
Also, where is Recco?
You might enjoy the book Of Yachts and Men by William Atkin. It is available thru Amazon. William wrote so well and there are photos and drawings.


I love hearing from folks like you. I know that William and John are sitting together enjoying it all!

Best, Pat

From: Gianni Fernandes
To: Pat Atkin
Sent: 2/16/2013
Subject: Re: Boat plan "Ingrid"

Dear Pat
You cannot image how happy I am to read your email. My wife Patrizia and I love our boat so much and are so proud have known someone of Atkin family. We take care a lot of Ilda and spent most our free time in spring summer and autumn sailing her. We attend also to vintage boats gatherings and races.


We would be honoured and proud if you would add Ilda in your web site!

I forgot to mention that Recco is a small town in Italy close to Genova that had an important role in shipbuilding but she was destroyed by bombing during the last war. In 1945 born a new small shipyard named La ligure di carpenteria and the owner Mario Traverso launched his boat Gabriella. The following year lauched Ciumbin later named Ilda. I bought the book you suggest on Amazon and hope to get it soon! I am asking if you know if there is in Italy some other Atkin boat still existing because I would like to share my proud to be one of luky owner.
Look to hear from you soon,

Sincerely yours