A Plywood Catboat

Unfortunately, Shipmates, there is no silvery Atkin prose to go along with this design. Sunshine is one of the last boats John Atkin drew, no. 876 in the long list of Atkin designs. John never got around to the final tracing and prettying up of the drawings, and there are no building instructions, but the plans are complete and the construction straightforward. Any amateur boatbuilder with a little experience should have no trouble building Sunshine.

Sunshine is 17 feet 1 1/2" L.O.A., with a 6 foot beam and a 6 inch draft (board up). Her sail area is 188 square feet.

Construction consists of 3/8" marine plywood over full solid wood frames. Plywood is also used for gussets, floorboards and seats.

Sunshine should perform very much like the similar catboat Krazy Kat.